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The Cristales project provides transparent services for remote earnings.
Our advantages
There are no boundaries for you. application and sites, allows you to make money anywhere in the world.
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Доставлено клиенткам за прошедший месяц
Paid for the first month of cooperation
25 days
Days before receiving the first payments
This is for you if:
Even if you did not find yourself in this list, write to us.
  • Do you have a prof. photo session or just a lot of photos on Instagram
    You have ready-made photo sessions, you have a popular Instagram, you often update your photos
  • You are sociable
    You like to correspond, communicate, meet, you want to discover the boundaries of your social circle,
  • You already partner with Streaming or Marriage Agencies ...
    If you are already cooperating with a marriage agency, but the result is poor!
  • Is your agency looking to expand its capabilities?
    If there are girls in your database who are interested in additional passive income! Email us
How it works
YOU can familiarize yourself with the terms on the site, and if you have any questions, contact us in any convenient way
Everything suits me!
You leave a request through the site, fill in all the points and send it.
Indicate the type of communication convenient for you. describe what kind of cooperation suits you
After you leave a request, our manager will contact you within 1-2 business days. In a personal conversation, we will discuss all the details of cooperation, assess the prospects for our cooperation.
Terms of use
We send you an Agreement with detailed terms of our cooperation. Where, in full, all actions of the parties will be stated. And internship material
check in
We register on our service according to the contract, within 7 days

To register, you need to provide media content and passport *

*1. Scanned copy of the passport

* 2. Video verification with a passport
During the internship, we will share with you our experience and the experience of our employees.After completing the internship, you will be able to start a chat within 15 minutes and hold for many months.
You stick to your schedule, we help you with this and everything else.
You can control the report on your results in your personal access.
Once a month from the 25th to the 1st
Anywhere in the world in your chosen currency
(EUR €, RUB ₽, UAH ₴, USD $, BTC ₿).
Get Free Video Course
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Real Earnings of Our Clients
The table shows the earnings of clients for the past month.
Each of the clients received this amount on her bank card in the selected currency.
* Payments are made from the 1st to the 10th day of each month, for the past calendar month.
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