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Become a successful, free, Broadcaster streamer, connect with subscribers and fans - earn from your talents.

О проекте
Cristales Agency is a platform that opens up new opportunities, almost for everyone, helps to choose new opportunities for themselves that will be in harmony with you.

We cooperate with top sites and platforms, we provide complete freedom of action for your person.

We don't need control over your time or person.

We will unleash your potential.
The platform has a system of donations - virtual gifts that anyone can send to the Broadcaster they like. Broadcaster can convert received gifts into real money.
It's like live streaming on instagram, periscope, twitch, LiveMe,
The app is like an online live show. You can broadcast from anywhere - from your car, apartment, work, anywhere!
In the application it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN of any kind of erotica and everything connected with it. Leaders who are seen breaking the rules are immediately blocked!
On the air, you can showcase your skills and become famous.

You dance cool, play musical instruments, tell stories, love to chat with random people, sing, cook or play on a console, PJ or DJ, or have a party together!
Receive gifts for your hobby and exchange them for real money!
Realize your ideas.!
We are the official partner of the leading streaming platforms.
We cooperate with more than 15 countries.
Our task is to develop the application and the audience on the territory of the former CIS, as well as find and train new presenters!
Our task is for YOU to become a Broadcaster HOST!
Benefits of working with an agency:
● We will help you pass the casting (selection) and become
Broadcaster PRESENT
● Free training, Webinars
● 24/7 technical support
● Help with content and ideas
● Your earnings go to you without intermediaries.
● Self-conclusion.
● And something else that you forgot to indicate ????
The CIS is a new region for this application with great potential! Our task is to develop the application in this territory.
We meet very talented people who we help to develop their talent and demonstrate it to the whole world.
We have already helped over 1,000 beginner presenters to become popular and start making money under our careful guidance!

Amanda Plummer
The agency does not take a % of your earnings, we are financed by the application developers.
We are waiting for you in our team!
$ 800

Average income in first month of Broadcasters leading
> 1 450

Broadcasters quantity
$2400 - $5000+

Average income
active - experienced Broadcaster
$ 27'500/month

Broadcaster Host's Maximum Earnings in One Month. Yes, we were not mistaken in a month 27'000 + $. you can check it yourself on the platform
Showcase your talents
Declare yourself to the world
We have prepared for you a professional adaptation course and recommendations for promotion, and of course the first joint broadcast for a quick start.

How much can you earn?
Work that does not require any investment!
Work in which you can demonstrate what you really love or know how to do.
A job in which the level of income depends only on your efforts !!!
Already in the first month you can earn from $ 800
Your income: almost Unlimited!
- Why do we say so?
You can verify this personally on the platform.
What will you get from us?
● Joint broadcasts for a quick start. (you don't have to swim in the ocean of no knowledge)
● Technical support for any questions.
● Withdraw money from $ 25 to your Payoneer card
● Training
● Ideas for your Exclusive - unique Ether
● Free Webinars, for your development
Join our Cristales Agency community and become a successful Broadcaster now!
15 days (2+ hours per day) or 30 active hours per month
During the broadcast you need:
- Communicate
- Do sport
- dance
- Sing
- Cook
- Draw
- To paint
- Play musical instruments
- Tell stories
- Chatting with a girlfriend
- Chat with users
- Cooperative games
- Your option ...
- Conduct joint broadcasts
Declare yourself and make money on it!
Register for casting
Don't miss your chance to become popular!
Question answer
What does it take to get started?
Leave a request in the form below!

To make it easier for you to understand the application, we will help you at every stage, from Registration in the application to the Withdrawal of your earned money!
What are the benefits of working with an agency?
● We will help to pass the casting (selection) and become a Broadcaster HOST
● Free training, Webinars
● 24/7 technical support
● Joint broadcasts during the adaptation period
● Help with content and support from the agency
● Direct payments without intermediaries!
● Payments from $ 25
● Help in the promotion of your account
● Share news,
● Share life hacks and trends
● Community of like-minded people (allows you to instantly receive up-to-date information, connect with Broadcaster, and do Big Shows!
What is the Broadcaster presenter earning for?
The application has a donation system - virtual gifts that anyone can send to a Broadcaster streamer they like. Broadcasters can convert received gifts into real money and withdraw from the application to a bank account via Payoneer.
At what age can you work with you?
We work with guys and girls from 17+ years old
What time of day do you need to air?
You can broadcast at a convenient time for you:
in the morning - while drinking coffee or doing makeup
during the day - when they are busy cooking
in the evening - when there is more free time
The main thing to remember is at least 2 hours every day!
What level of English do you need to work?
You don't need to be fluent in English! Basic level is more than enough!
On your first broadcasts, we can go on a joint broadcast with you and help you adapt
Many broadcast in their native language. but we recommend expanding your audience
BUT !, at the same time, you have an incredible opportunity to improve your skills in communicating with in English.
How is money withdrawn?
After ordering money from your account, within up to 7 working days, managers in manual mode, in order to exclude fraudulent transactions, make payments
The withdrawal of money occurs through the Payoneer payment system - a reliable online bank - an analogue of American Paypall, and then to the card of any bank.
Withdrawal of funds is possible on any day of the month from $ 25
Why do I only receive on Payoneer?
Payoneer is the official partner of the platform.This is the only way today

Payoneer - works all over the world,

- Allows you to order a dollar card

- Minimum interest on withdrawal from 0.5%

- Huge list of services and almost any bank in the world

- Opening takes 1-7 days
How will bonuses be awarded on the site and for what?
- During your broadcast, viewers can give you gifts, and this is how it happens.
- You can see examples of gifts on the website or in a video clip
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